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25-35 Minute Conversations with Lead Generation Experts

Summit #4

Networking & Technology

Speaker Bios

The experts gathered for Flip Your Marketing Flops #4: Networking & Technology (and much more!) are business owners, strategists, and specialists in different elements of lead generation. These are people responsible for generating millions of dollars in business revenue. 


Each expert speaker also knows secrets and sees mistakes commonly made by solopreneurs, and has offered to share in the mission of Flip Your Marketing Flops host Joe Sayles, Jr. to provide tips, hacks, and secrets with solopreneurs to help them prevent these mistakes, and succeed in their marketing efforts.

Your Event Host

Joe Sayles, Jr. - Host

Joe Sayles, Jr.

Lead Generation Funnel Efficiency Coach,

Strategist & Speaker

Special Presentation

The host of the Flip Your Marketing Flops Virtual Summit Series is Joe Sayles, Jr. founder of ENVY Digital Solutions.  Certified in several channels of digital marketing, he has worked both as an in-house lead generator for industry-leading organizations, and as an agency owner managing lead generation for local service-based businesses.  In those roles, he profitably managed budgets from as low as $300 per month to generating more than $15 million in sales. 


Based on his experiences, Joe has created the Lead Generation Domination System™ to help small businesses better understand lead generation strategies to maximize profitability. Joe teaches his signature course, the Ultimate Lead Generation Blueprint™: The Solopreneurs Roadmap for a Constant Flow of High-Quality Leads in 60 Days. 

Guest Speakers

Erica Bates - Summit Promotion Strategy Expert

Ericka Bates

Summit Promotion Strategy Expert

Ericka Bates, would like for you to host your first or next engaging & profitable Virtual Summit(s)!  Virtual Summits are not a build it and they will come type of thing. We have to actually let our target audience know that we have something that their interested in being a part of!  To do this, one of the things we'll need to do is PROMOTE your event! Yes, tell everyone the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How about your up coming Virtual Summit!

Terran Gimpel

Networking Technology Expert

Terran Gimpel is helping pave the way to a healthier model of marketing and advertising for B2B business owners. He has created a new pickup-anywhere business strategy that shows you how to make money from every conversation you have even when you’re not selling anything. Terran's clients have made combined millions in the online space and have helped tens of thousands of people make lasting changes in their lives and businesses.

Terran Gimpel - Networking Technology Expert
Tyler Kuch - Technology Security Expert

Tyler Kuch

Technology Security Expert

Basile Lemba

Networking Expert

Basile Lemba teaches coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and small business owners, and others how to acquire their ideal clients, multiply their revenues and build a 6-7 figure businesses through his proprietary “5 steps to Profitable Networking” Method.


You will discover how to maximize your networking efforts so you can more easily achieve financial success while growing through the personal development opportunities strong relationships can provide.

Realizing that effective networking can dramatically improve people’s quality of life, Basile provides consulting services and group programs. In addition, he is the founder of the Networking Institute and, runs the BL Networking Breakfast Club.

Basile Lemba - Networking Expert
Bill Pratt - Lead Generation Technology Expert

Bill Pratt

Lead Generation Technology Expert

Bill Pratt is a college professor, business and money coach, textbook author, and professional speaker. He has also been featured on a twice-monthly TV program called Money Matters. Bill works with industry influencers including Jay Shetty and Rob Goyette. He believes that with the right information, people will accumulate wealth faster and will be able to use that wealth to improve the lives of those around them.

Jaclyn "Jacque" Zoccoli

LinkedIn Alliance Building Expert

“My age justifies my wisdom; my developed clarity teaches the Excitement of Awareness and ignites the spark of action and change!”

Jacque’s life revolves around the Awareness of commonalities that lead to alliances that lead to becoming Word-of-Mouth. Her passion is in the ignition of relationships to bond together onto the same path for the greater good. Her purpose is to bring people together.

What created this? The seed began in the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa. Cultural uniqueness’s and commonalities were observed. Building relationships from that understanding threaded through corporate life to her own first business in 1986. The reality that business owners needed to know the strength of alliances led to network coaching - Network Builders Arizona. 

She now tames the 774-million-member database of LinkedIn into an easily focused intentional networking platform. Alliance building through her personalized strategy explodes business growth, by creating Word-of-Mouthpieces. 

Jacque Zoccoli - LinkedIn Alliance Building  Expert

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