Black Friday Presentation

Shopping online from the safety of home this Black Friday? Take a break and learn how to improve your Facebook Ads for the holiday season and new year by watching our micro summit.

Flip Your Marketing Flops

A Virtual Micro Summit Series


Facebook Ads Mistakes

and Solutions to Prevent Them!

20-30 Minute Conversations with Facebook Ads Experts

Flip Your Marketing Flops™

A Virtual Micro Summit Series

Listen in on Conversations with Marketing Experts

The Flip Your Marketing Flops Virtual Micro-Summit Series

will identify common lead generation mistakes and provide expert solutions,

tips, secrets, and hacks for how to prevent or solve these issues in 20-30 minute interviews. 

Upcoming Event

Summit #1: Facebook Ads Mistakes

& Solutions to Prevent Them

Featuring World Renowned Facebook Ads Experts

Dennis Yu


Azriel "Avery" Ratz

Plus a Host of Facebook Coaches and Experts

Summit #1 is part one of the two-part topic: Facebook Ads Mistakes and Solutions to Prevent Them


Virtual Micro-Summit Info

DATE: November 27

TIME: 8:00 AM (Pacific)

Event will be open from 8:00 AM

and have access time until 10:00 PM (Pacific)




Dennis Yu

CEO, Speaker &

Facebook Ads Expert

Catherine Mellon

Online Business Coach

& FB Ads Expert

Azriel "Avery" Ratz

CEO, Author, Speaker &

Facebook Ads Expert

Kyna Baker

Operations Advisor and Strategist & Facebook Ads Expert

Darrell Evans

Business Growth Advisor & Facebook Ads Expert

Randi Neville

VP of Marketing and Social Media & Facebook Ads Expert 

Debbie Peck

Funnel and Lead Generation Specialist & Facebook Ads Expert

Joe Sayles, Jr.

Your Host

Lead Generation Funnel Efficiency Coach & Facebook Ads Expert

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