Flip Your Marketing Flops

A Virtual Micro-Summit Series


30-Minute Conversations with Lead Generation Experts

Summit #4

Networking & Technology

(and much more!)


DATE: August 19, 2021

TIME: 8:00 AM (Pacific)

Event will be open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM (Pacific)



Flip Your Marketing Flops™

A Virtual Micro Summit Series

Listen in on Conversations with Marketing - Lead Generation Experts

Designed to improve the marketing efforts of solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, agents, and digital marketers, the Flip Your Marketing Flops™ Virtual Micro-Summit Series 

consists of digital marketing experts identifying common lead generation mistakes and providing expert solutions, tips, secrets, and hacks for preventing them in 30 minute interviews. 


Speakers & Topics

Erica Bates - Summit Promotion Strategy

Ericka Bates 

Summit Promotion Strategy

Basile Lemba - Networking Expert

Basile Lemba 

Networking Expert

Terran Gimpel - Networking Technology Expert

Terran Gimpel

Networking Technology Expert

Bill Pratt

Bill Pratt

Lead Generation Funnel Expert

Tyler Kuch - Technology Security Expert

Tyler Kuch

Technology Security Expert

Jacque Zoccoli - LinkedIn for Alliance Building

Jacque Zoccoli

LinkedIn for Alliance Building

Summit #3

Featuring Marketing Experts


Bonnie Chomica - Content Marketing

Dan Janal - Book Creation

Jessica Scotten - All-In-One Software

Steve Eriksen - Summit & Giveaways

Mike Correra - Google My Business

Flip Your Marketing Flops Summit #3 Speakers

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 1, 2021

Flip Your Marketing Flops Summit #2 Speakers

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: January 21, 2021




Summit #2

Featuring Marketing Experts


Abigail Sinclaire - Network Marketing

Erik K. Johnson - Podcasting

Gerry Foster- Brand Marketing

Nicki Chang - Powless - Strategy

Justin James - Video Marketing

Stormie Andrews - Buyer Persona

Joe Sayles, Jr. - Local SEO & Paid Ads

Summit #1

Featuring World Renowned Facebook Ads Experts

Dennis Yu


Azriel "Avery" Ratz

Catherine Mellon

Kyna Baker

Darrell Evans

Randi Neville

Debbie Peck & 

Joe Sayles, Jr.

Flip Your Marketing Flops Summit #1 Speakers

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 22, 2020

What Our Attendees Are Saying

"Really Informative. Learned a lot. 
Especially about using Facebook Gallery for a portfolio. Genius! 

It made me realize there were other things going on in Facebook that I didn't know about!

Ericka Bates

Design Consultant

I really enjoyed the “Flip Your Marketing Flops” Virtual Micro Summit - especially since I am new to Facebook ads.  


I definitely picked up some tidbits I can use and really found Debbie Peck’s Landing Page Mistakes session (Summit #1) to be loaded with good, actionable information.

Tom Ballard, PG-CHG

Enjoyed the webinar. (Summit #2) Very value information given by all participants.


I was impressed at how the event was positioned to cover different pieces of business that solopreneurs have to encounter. 


The biggest takeaway (given by everyone) is to focus on emotional problems of the ICP no matter what segment is being developed. This focus will align with everything else. 


...I plan to implement every strategy that was given. The first strategy is beginning video marketing. The tips were so beneficial to me that I am taking action in all areas.

Angela Hill​, "Inspirational" Scholarship Coach

Enjoyed the summit. (Summit #2) Great info there.  I am indeed on a shoestring budget, so always keen on learning new ways to find clients.


The 'customer persona' segment was great.  Definitely peaked my interest to learn more.


The brand marketing segment I'm already on board with because that's what I do. But he definitely nailed it!  I was looking forward to watching your two segments, so thanks so much for making it available on Sat 👍  ... thanks so much for your generosity. 


Phillip Livingston, Creative Director

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